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Gotek10 Gps Watch Locator:Elderly Adult Safety Alzheimer's with Dementia

Gotek10 Gps Watch Locator:  (Snap IT Lock IT Track IT)                                                                                Safety For Alzheimer's And Adults with Dementia!
(GOTEK10 GPS WATCH LOCATOR) provides optimum protection, anywhere in the world.

Each day on average, 1,252 people are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
Each week on average, 8,764 people are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
While many New Yorkers are commuting to and from work each day, another 154 persons are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.....

100 Million Adults Touched by Alzheimer's

More than half of Americans report that they have been touched by someone (living or deceased) who has Alzheimer's disease, and roughly a third of Americans are worried about getting Alzheimer's.
When a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease wanders away they are at risk. Of those lost more than 72 hours, only 20 percent survive. 80 percent don't survive. This ordeal could result in death.
5.4 million people have Alzheimer's disease.
Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia. Alzheimer's disease was the sixth leading cause of death across all ages in the United States in 2006.
Alzheimer's disease is the fifth-leading cause of death for those aged 65 and older.
There are 14.9 million unpaid Alzheimer's caregivers in the United States.
In 2010, Alzheimer's caregivers provided 17 billion hours of unpaid care, this healthcare service contribution to the country is estimated $202 billion.
Unpaid Alzheimer's caregivers are usually family members but also include friends and partners.
More women than men have dementia.

Gotek10 is a wearable tamper proof, water proof and lockable security band device with GPS/SMS/GSM technology, 2-Way voice and 24-7 Remote Security! Which integrates a mobile system, intelligent alerts and localization via satellite (GPS), allows the Alzheimer patient to be located if they are lost or disoriented and also to establish immediate contact with them. "This new mobile localization system will give peace of mind to the relatives and career of the patient and, at the same time, prevent the dramatic situations that can occur when the sufferer cannot be located and they do not remember who they are.
Gotek10 is designed to provide:
Specific information about the user's whereabouts, should they move
Outside a pre-determined safety zone. In such situations, GPS and GSM
Technologies will locate them, and send an alert to a Response Center
This can then take appropriate action to prevent the user from coming
To harm. An individual in distress outside the home can also press the
Emergency button to call for help. This will put them in contact with the
Response Center as the Gotek10 has two-way speech capabilities, allowing
Them to speak with someone until help arrives.
Through its robust design, it is even protected against water, shock and tampering.
A motion sensor, power saving mode, data encryption, not all of the outstanding features of this device.
The Gotek10 person is a portable mini-localizer safety device with SOS and GSM functions with extremely high sensitivity.Gotek10 increases safety by helping the wearer return to safety quicker
When an incident or unsafe walking occurs.
Gotek10 increases independence since it helps avoid the need for moving a
Loved one into residential care and it extends the time they can live in
Their home environment:
Gotek10 enhances dignity and reduces family and career stress by
Reducing the need for constant observation. Gotek10 allows careers to relax in
The knowledge that the loved one can be safety located should they walk
Away from familiar surroundings.
If the wearer of the GOTEK10 leaves their habitual geographic area, which has been previously defined by their relatives or careers, the device automatically sends out an alert to advise those responsible for the                                                       patient.
Alzheimer's disease not only affects the patient, it changes the life of the entire family, especially that of the principal career, for many long and difficult years. When the Alzheimer sufferer begins to lose their capacity to recognize their family environment or to forget their name and address, episodes of wandering off and disorientation become a reality and bring with them daily anxiety for all those who care for the patient. In order to prevent the patient from getting lost, those who care for them may even stop going out themselves, which makes it difficult to lead a normal social life. The Gotek10 offers an alternative solution.


● Tracking on demand.
● Tracking from your cellphone.
● Tracking per time intervals.
● Remote two-way calls.
● Storage when there is no coverage.
● Movement sensor included for power saving.
● Cell Phone Tracking/sms
● Motion alert.
● Geofence configuration.
● Battery low charge alert.
● Over-speed alert.
● It supports GPRS/SMS communication.
● Automatic time reports, or through commands.
● Geofence protection.
● Sleep mode for power saving. .
● On and Off,Gps, Safety Zone, Low Battery alert.
● SMS send and reception.
● GPRS/SMS time reports configuration.
● Unit disconnection alert. (with back up battery).
● Water Proof 
● High sensitivity GPS antenna
 ● Tamper/Lock Proof Band

Just a few of the Possible Safety Applications for Your GPS Personal Locator:
Child Safety
School Age Children
After School Activities
Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
Amusement Park Safety
Children (and adults) with Autism
Children (and adults) with Down Syndrome
Teen & Young Adult Safety
Driving Safety
Playing Sports away from home
Amusement Park Safety
Riding ATVs / Motorcycles / Snowmobiles
Hiking / Backpacking / Skiing / Snowshoeing
Running / Jogging / Cycling
Brain Trauma Victims
Mentally Challenged
Elderly Adult Safety
Adults with Dementia
Home Safety - (Personal Alarm)
Assisted Living Safety
Long Term Care Facilities
Brain Trauma Victims
Mentally Challenged
Runners and Power Walkers

The Gotek10 provides real-time tracking via
GSM or GPRS, has an emergency SOS button and can be configured to send custom alerts based on location.
Great for Locating Missing Children, Alzheimer's Patients, Autistic Kids, Elderly People!
Runners, walker's hikers and kids for safety and security. They can see where they have been. Loved ones can log in from home to check on their status in real time.

Use the SOS alert button in times of emergency to track every 7-15 seconds or very hour real-time around the world and is also able to send an e-mail alert or a cell phone text alert every 1-minutes,5-minutes or 15-minutes - you can easily set these to alert up to 3 people at the same time!


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